Lake Douglas

September 17th 2018

To help secure an invite to the ELITES and another top 5 season finish on Douglas Lake I used a one-two punch between deep and shallow water to catch my fish.

I started each day shallow up the river with the majority of the field to capitalize on some actively feeding fish. There was an extreme amount of boating pressure in all of the areas so I chose to flip the Nemesis Baits Bullet Craw to shallow wood targets. Not only is it a unique bait no one else was using, it is very non-intrusive and it allowed me to catch some nice fish right behind other guys.

After the first few hours, I would run through a series of spots in 12-25 foot of water with the Queen Tackle Football Jig, the same bait I used to finish 2nd at Kentucky Lake. My deep areas consisted of hard spots, points, brush piles, and house foundations I found on my Lake-master map chip, and countless hours of idling around. The fish out deep were not active at all, and it was a very frustrating because you could see them down there, but the bites were hard to come by. I would drag the jig as fast as I possibly could, while maintaining contact with the bottom. Using the 3/4oz version, a twin tailed grub as a trailer, and downsizing to 15 pound line helped keep the bait down on the bottom. A heavier jig may have produced even more bites if I had some. We tried many different baits to trigger the bites but the fish were really keyed into a jig.

As always in tough fishing conditions: If you can't get bit fishing fast, fish faster!