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Specializing in Michigan's Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass fishing. Come experience the great bass fishing that Lake St.Clair, Lake Erie or any of the  Michigan inland lakes has to offer and learn from a tournament pro. Whether you are an experienced tournament angler or a novice looking for an instructional trip to hone your skills, I can tailor your trip to meet your needs. 

When fishing Michigan waters, all trips will require a Michigan fishing license.

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Breaking Down the Lakes

Lake St Clair [Ice Out - June]

Lake St. Clair needs no introduction; it is consistently ranked as a top ten bass fishing destination in the country by bassmaster.com. The spring is a special time for the lake and is a big reason is has earned that reputation. Smallmouth can be caught on just about every bait in the tackle box, from dragging tube jigs on the bottom to working topwater baits quickly. Great numbers and sized fish are available. Bass are usually found in ten feet of water or less, making them very accessible for anglers of all skill types.


Inland Southeast Michigan [Ice Out - May]

Because our state offers the best smallmouth fishing in the country, the smaller largemouth rich inland lakes often get ignored. If you were looking to try something different or improve your grass fishing techniques this would be a great option. Largemouth bass can be caught in shallow water on lipless crankbaits, vibrating jigs, and many other options. It is not uncommon to catch multiple fish in the 4 to 5 pound class range. This style of fishing has been something I have worked hard on learning and would love to share my knowledge.

Featured Lakes - Half Moon Chain (Pinckney), Portage Chain (Pinckney), Kent (Milford)

Northeast Michigan [Ice Out - June / October - November]

For those who want to get away from the crowd and experience some unbelievable fishing this is the trip for you. Much like St. Clair, the spring fishing is wide open, smallmouth invade the shallows with the intention on eating everything in sight. Power fishing baits such as a lipless crankbait or jerkbait shine this time of year.  As the spawn starts to occur in late May and June, bass can be caught by visually looking at them right next to the boat due to their extremely aggressive nature and the crystal clear waters. In October the schools of fish show back up the shallow waters to feed. This is the time of the year where the biggest fish are caught.  Turning into November fish move into deeper waters as they prepare for winter. Poor weather can be a factor, but this is my favorite time to fish. Massive schools of bass will group up in small areas and you can catch them almost every cast at times. 50 – 100+ fish days are typical.

Featured Lakes - Long (Alpena), Grand (Alpena), Hubbard (Alpena), Burt & Mullett (Cheboygan)